High-Performance Algebraic Computing

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The pervasive ubiquity of parallel architectures and memory hierarchy has led to a new quest for parallel mathematical algorithms and software capable of exploiting the various levels of parallelism: from hardware acceleration technologies (multi-core and multi-processor system on chip, GPGPU, FPGA) to cluster and global computing platforms.

For giving a greater scope to symbolic and algebraic computing, beyond the optimization of the application itself, the effective use of a large number of resources (memory and specialized computing units) is expected to enhance the performance multi-criteria objectives: time, resource usage, reliability, even energy consumption.

The design and the implementation of mathematical algorithms with provable, adaptive and sustainable performance is a major challenge. In this context, our project is devoted to fundamental and practical research specifically in exact linear algebra and system solving that are two essential "dwarfs" (or "killer kernels") in scientific and algebraic computing.

The project should lead to progress in matrix algorithms and challenge solving in cryptology, and should provide new insights into high performance programming and library design problems.

ANR Consortium

USA-NSF Partners



Location Duration Start Net Salary Type Contact
any HPAC site 36 months Position filled approx. 1350 €/month net PhD Clément Pernet
Montpellier 12 months Position filled approx. 1950 €/month (engineer), 2150 €/month (post-doc) net Post-doc; engineer Pascal Giorgi
Lyon 12 months Position filled approx. 1950 €/month (engineer), 2150 €/month (post-doc) net Post-doc or engineer: en, fr Gilles Villard
Grenoble 12 months Position filled approx. 1950 €/month (engineer), 2150 €/month (post-doc) net Post-doc or engineer: en, fr Jean-Guillaume Dumas
Paris 12 months Position filled approx. 1950 €/month (engineer), 2150 €/month (post-doc) net Post-doc or engineer: en, fr Jean-Charles Faugère
any HPAC site <6 months from Feb. 2012 approx. 450 €/month Master Clément Pernet

Principal Investigators

Partner Name First name Position
T1 coordinator, T3 manager Dumas Jean-Guillaume PR UJF (LJK, Grenoble)
T6 manager Faugère Jean-Charles DR INRIA (LIP6, Paris)
  Fousse Laurent MCF UJF (LJK, Grenoble)
  Gautier Thierry CR INRIA (LIG, Grenoble)
T2 manager Giorgi Pascal MCF UM2 (LIRMM, Montpellier)
  Imbert Laurent CR CNRS (LIRMM, Montpellier)
  Izard Thomas Engineer Silkan
  Jeannerod Claude-Pierre CR INRIA (LIP, U. Lyon)
  Louvet Nicolas MCF UCBL (LIP, U. Lyon)
T5 manager Pernet Clément MCF UJF (LIG, Grenoble)
  Perret Ludovic MCF UPMC (LIP6, Paris)
  Porcher Thierry Silkan CTO
  Renault Guënael MCF UPMC (LIP6, Paris)
  Revol Nathalie CR INRIA (LIP, U. Lyon)
  Roch Jean-Louis MCF Ensimag (LIG, Grenoble)
  Safey El Din Mohab PR UPMC (LIP6, Paris)
  Stehlé Damien CR CNRS (LIP, U. Lyon)
T4 manager Villard Gilles DR CNRS (LIP, U. Lyon)